Bars & Restaurants

We have worked on and designed systems of all sizes. Whether you have ten TVs or a hundred, the system’s function is to provide entertainment for the patrons so they will buy more of your products. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Area specific audio. (e.g., Pop music in the waiting room and the ‘Big Game’ on in the dining room.)
  • Cascading displays or video wall
  • Multiple displays with the same or different programs
  • Scalable system designs for any budget
  • User specific entertainment system access and control
  • Video advertising of services or your logo

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your system configuration. MY GUYS spend the time listening to your needs and have the KNOW HOW to make them into reality. We make sure that you get everything you want and all that you need for your customers’ entertainment experience while in your establishment.

Commercial Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are notorious for technical problems. Why is that? They are supposed to be a place for collaboration, learning and problem solving. Take your meeting room into the digital arena with these options:

  • Big screen displays for power point or other presentation software
  • Kiosks with universal laptop/desktop connections and touch screen controls
  • Paging/Microphone system integration
  • Smart white boards with image capturing
  • Training displays for audio/video playback
  • Wireless network access

Gone are the days of making a presentation in which you spend the first 30 minutes fumbling around with mismatched connections, unable to find the remote to the projector, and can’t get the projector to the correct input. How about calling the IT guy to fix it? That is such a waste of time and resources. Why not have a system that works correctly? Consider a kiosk with quick docking connections for a host of laptops or thumb drives. Maybe an in-wall touch panel that controls the entire room functionality. What about a wireless microphone, keyboard or remote to hear and control the power point presentation? The point of the presentation is informing your audience, not to put them to sleep while you find the right cables. Whatever or however the presentation is stored, rest assured that all you have to worry about is transferring the feeling with what they hear and see.

Commercial Waiting Rooms & Lobbies

Let’s face it; most of us hate to wait. Unfortunately it is sometimes a necessity. Most do not mind waiting if there is something to entertain us in the meantime. Make their wait more enjoyable while enhancing your lobby’s décor. Here are some solutions we have provided:

  • Flat panel TV mounting
  • In-ceiling speakers for music playback
  • Video information advertisement of services
  • Waiting room video safety training
  • Wireless internet access

Three Rivers Safety Certified

Petrochemical companies unite! MY GUYS are experienced with Three Rivers Manufactures’ Association safety training and certification. We re-certify on a yearly basis to make sure we are in good standing. Rest assured that when you hire us for your project, we will complete the job in a properly safe and productive manner.

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