Residential Home Networking

If you want to get all that you paid for from your high speed internet connection then you know the importance of having a home network. Having a solid reliable network is the foundation of any digital house. Some of the things our customers look to us for help:

  • Set up a wireless network
  • A home media server
  • Back up your movies, music, photos and personal files
  • Indoor/Outdoor wireless internet coverage
  • Use files from multiple computers
  • Stream internet, photos, movies, music, TV and more through the house
  • Making a personal ‘cloud’ for the whole family
  • Secure hard wired internet connections

Today’s home entertainment systems have the capabilities and should be connected to the internet. They provide more access to so much content, more than ever before! Who wants cable boxes and surround sound equipment spread all over the house? Why not have all of the equipment tucked neatly away in a closet or basement and accessible from where you are at? Want to access the show you recorded on the family room DVR in the bedroom? How about that new movie release that you started in the den but want to finish on the big screen? Maybe you started a new music playlist on your phone but want to listen to it outside at the patio. With MY GUYS at your side, making any of these transitions is as easy as walking to the room of choice and pressing a button. When it lives on the network, you can access it anywhere.

P.S. Home owners selling their home often see a $5,000 increase in home value when buyers see that the house is properly wired for a digital network.

Residential Home Theater Design

Finishing the basement and you want to put in a big screen TV ? Maybe you want to make a room dedicated for TV, video games and movies? No matter the size and shape or scope of your home theater system MY GUYS can help make your idea into reality.

  • Flat panel TV mounting and calibration
  • Electrical outlet installation
  • Surround sound system calibration and installation
  • Video projector and screen installation with calibration
  • Troubleshooting and servicing of installed systems
  • Universal remote control installation and programming

If you are looking for a replacement TV to reconnect all of your existing equipment you should be able to do that without much fanfare. However, if you have never seen High Definition, if you watch more than 1 hour of TV a week or even remotely enjoy watching movies, you NEED to investigate a surround sound system!

HD is the greatest thing to happen to TV since it went color. Almost everything you watch or want to watch is recorded in HD and it is an experience of the senses. TV programs are in such crystal clear clarity that it could be mistaken that The Living Dead are in your living room tonight!

But the viewing enjoyment is only 50% of what you’re paying for every single month from your cable or satellite provider! Think of it this way, going to the football game is an experience. The roar of the crowd; how the field looks before, during and after the game and the crunch of the helmets. The $150 lighter your wallet will be from having to pay for the ticket, drinks and food! Now what if you can have a better seat, hear what the players are saying and still beat the traffic rush home! This is what surround sound does.

The high definition picture is great but the experience is brought together by the sounds that you hear. And it’s not just in sports that surround sound plays a role. Almost everything on network television has so much stuff in high definition Dolby Digital surround quality; you will find yourself watching programs you didn’t even know existed! It will be your own private theater in the comfort of your home. An entertainment experience!

Residential System Design

What’s best about the design stage is that with our help we can take your idea and make it work in your house. On our side we provide all the components, cables and installation to make the idea work. You give the idea life with how you want it to work. A quality system design will provide all the essential ingredients to looking good and working for years to come. We help our customers with:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Examining needs and desires
  • Suggesting equipment appropriate to the home’s décor
  • Quality equipment + MGKH quality services = High Performance!

After we have compiled all of the information — wants, needs, and of course the budget — we make a system design that we think will best fit the customer’s goals. In this system design process we are able to design the customer a “turn-key” solution that gives them everything they want and all that they need. We find that this extra step assures the customer that they are getting the most value for their dollar spent.

Residential Smart House

Feng shui isn’t just a fancy word, it’s a lifestyle. Things work so much better when they are easy to control. This flow between you and your digital life should be a seamless and smooth transition. With one touch of a button from your iPhone, the smart home starts a series of events that allows you to set the stage for what happens next.

  • Alerts sent to your email or phone when the kids come home from school or garage is opened
  • Heating and air conditioning control
  • Home energy usage
  • Lighting control
  • Media streaming to any room in the house
  • Music and media control during specified hours of the day
  • Room or event specific scene and mood settings
  • Remote monitoring of the home surveillance system
  • User specific entertainment system access and control

Good morning! Waking up in the morning to soft but progressively louder soothing sounds is much less stressful than the standard annoying alarm buzzing in. Get ready in the bathroom with the morning news on the TV. Continue the program in the kitchen or switch to your favorite internet radio station while getting the kids rushed off to school.

Hosting a party tonight? Why not easily set the mood to the kitchen and the patio with a simple press of a button? Have the party mix of music outside on the rock speakers with dimmed landscape lights. What about the kids? Oh, they’re watching the new Transformers movie on the big screen. You know that because they system tells you on your phone.

Good night, lights out, systems off, alarm armed, and doors locked. With a press of the ‘House Off’ button on the master bedroom remote control, all the lights and entertainment equipment is shut off, then the house alarm is armed and your home is shut down for the night Mrs. Smith. That’s the MY GUYS way of life.

Residential Surveillance

Video surveillance systems involve planning, proper camera placement and selection of the proper product to achieve the customer’s desired results. Whether it’s a closed system or an internet-based one, MY GUYS help you decide what choices will best for your needs.

  • Closed Circuit recording systems
  • Internet based IP video surveillance systems
  • User assignable access to system
  • View recorded content from your PC, TV or internet capable mobile phone

Residential Whole Home Audio

Music moves us. It influences us in how we speak, the way we act and how we feel. Given the option, more of us would choose to accomplish our household living with music in the background than not. Music enhances our daily routine, chores and life.

  • Access your library of music or source from any room in the house
  • iPhone, iPad, and in-wall touch panel control
  • Landscape rock and flower planter speakers
  • Multiple rooms playing multiple different songs at the same time
  • Nearly invisible wall and ceiling speakers

Hosting a party? Keep the party at an upbeat tempo with your new playlist you made in iTunes. Select where in the house you would like different kinds of music to play. Check that the songs you selected are playing where you want all from your iPhone. This is the MY GUYS way.

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